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Our sales consultations are free and no obligation. Our team member can provide you with as much information as possible over the phone, or you can set up a meeting for a site survey to get the most accurate quotes and exact pricing.


Through Shakti Powertronix associates and network of approved contractors we will scale a system customized to your property and suitable to your energy needs. We have a step by step process to ensure all details are covered with the client.


You will receive a Warranty Package that includes: drawings, permits, manufacturer warranties on equipment, product datasheets, fully paid invoice, and copy of your contract. A 5 year contractor warranty is included for service. For long term maintenance and cleaning, contact us to see if our panel maintenance company covers your area.

Solar Street Light

  • Automatic on-off system (Dusk to Dawn)
  • Led Display indicates the charging status of battery
  • Inbuilt protection against short circuit, reverse polarity
  • Battery over charge protection & deep discharge protection
  • Benefits:
  • Independent of the Utility Grid , Low Operational Cost
  • Long life & high performance led luminaries
  • No trenching cabling or wire
  • Non polluting & sustainable source of electricity

Solar Grid Tie System:

Shakti Powertronix provides complete solution for Commercial & Residential Projects, strictly abiding to MNRE/ IEC standards to provide a sustainable & reliable energy management solution.

Grid Tie Solar Systems are beneficial to save on electricity consumption. During the day time sun energy is utilised in by electrical appliances as per consumption & surplus is supplied to the Grid, in evening time the electricity consumption automatically switches to Grid for uninterrupted supply.

Emerson Solar PCU

Solar Off-Grid System

Also known as Standalone system, offers complete autonomy & independence from the grid. Load supplied is independent of solar isolation & the generated power is stored in the battery bank of desired backup capacity

  • Small office, Remote locations
  • Petrol pumps
  • Hoarding Lights
  • Residential Location

Solar Water Pump Solution

Solar water pumping sysem is stand alone system that essentially consistes of SVP Modules

  • Drip Irrigation
  • Micro Irrigation
  • Industrial Water Pumping
  • Easy to operate, simple installation & low maintenance
  • No electricity required, sun power input
  • High life expectancy & eco friendly solution

Solar Water Heating Solution

It is based on the principle of black body absorption & thermosyphon principle. The black surface of the collector absorbs the heat from the sun rays & transfers it to the water passing through the pipes of collector. Hot water being lighter, rises to the insulated storage tank & am=n equal amount of cold water replaces his hot water. This cycle repeats as long as the sun shines, resulting in 360 C heating.

A) Flat Plate Collector (FPC)
B) Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC)

Save upto 70 % on your Electricity Bill Eco Friendly operation & low maintenance system

A) Flat Plate Collector Type System :

Model :: Solarizer Spring
  • Emmvee's all new full-plate absorber with highly selective German coating through sputtering technology provides more area to absorb sunlight and emits almost no radiation, meaning faster water heating
  • By using the most advanced solar glass, the new collector gives better performance even in cloudy weather
  • The latest laser welding technique gives superior durability and heat transfer
  • Translucent solar glass gives a stylish new look
  • Emmvee's unique glass enamelled tank prevents the build-up of rust and bacteria, keeping your hotwater clean and hygienic
  • With 1 year performance warranty for the system, you can rely on Solarizer Spring to give you daily enjoyment for many years to come.
Available :
  • 100 LPD |
  • 200 LPD |
  • 300 LPD |
  • 500 LPD
Solarizer Spring Data
Model: Solarizer Ultra Extreme performance under hard water

Solarizer Ultra is the best solar water heating solution for hard water. Using the latest technology and the highest quality manufacture from the house of Emmvee, Solarizer Ultra meets your water heating needs even in the hardest water conditions, without the worry of corrosion, leaks or blockages.

  • 100 LPD |
  • 200 LPD |
  • 300 LPD |
  • 500 LPD
Solarizer Ultra Data

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