DISCONTINUED - Liebert Challenger 3000 Perimeter Cooling System

Liebert CW Chilled Water Cooling System, 26-440kW

The innovative Liebert CW system lets you rapidly deploy chilled water capacity, achieve higher efficiency and use less white space. It offers the industry's widest range of capacities, featuring the industry's most advanced controls and innovations, such as optimized coil design that maximizes capacity and efficiency even at high entering water temperatures.

Liebert Fin/Tube Outdoor Condenser, 17.5-210kW

These easy-to-Install and service air-cooled condensers for outdoor heat rejection are precisely matched to the requirements of Liebert data center cooling and fluid chiller systems.

Liebert HPM

Liebert HPM air conditioning units designed for top level performance and reliability.

Liebert MC - Microchannel Condenser

The highly efficient Liebert MC unit directly communicates with the indoor units via the integrated iCOM Control, providing significant advantages in terms of condenser management.

Liebert PCW, Chilled Water Room Cooling Unit

Liebert PCW is the ideal chilled water cooling unit, providing an efficient solution for data center and server room air conditioning. This water cooling system is available in a wide variety of configurations and capacities, ranging from 200 kW to 6 MW.

Liebert PDX, Direct Expansion Floor-Mount Cooling Unit, from 15 to 120 kW

The Liebert PDX direct expansion large room cooling unit is equipped with the most advanced industry cooling system technology, which allows the unit to provide thermal management efficiency for data centers and server rooms.

Liebert Series PB Indoor Condenser, 16-98.4kW

Liebert Series PB air-cooled condensers support indoor applications where outdoor heat rejection is not practical, such as high-rise buildings or areas with restricted access.

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