Liebert AFC, Adiabatic Freecooling Chillers

Liebert AFC combines the outstanding levels of energy efficiency allowed by freecooling together with the endless availability guaranteed by the compressor back up (available both with multi-scroll or screw compressors) and the highly efficient adiabatic wet pad system. The latter humidifies the air entering the freecooling and condensing coils, consequently increasing freecooling operation. The unit is thus designed to guarantee 100% cooling availability even under the most critical conditions.

Liebert HPC-L and HPC-M, Freecooling Chillers

The Liebert HPC freecooling chiller is the ultimate chilled water-based solution delivering high efficiency and reliability. Ideal for data center applications with cooling needs ranging from 350 kW to above 20 MW.

Liebert HPC-S - Air-cooled, Freecooling and Adiabatic Freecooling Chillers

Air-Cooled, freecooling and adiabatic freecooling chillers designed for the efficient cooling of small data centers

Liebert HPC-W, Water-Cooled Chillers

Liebert HPC-W is a watercooled chiller (280-1200 kW) with semihermetic screw compressors. Three different sound emission versions offer the possibility to choose standard or unrivalled low noise level. The Supersaver, or iCOM embedded software function, provides complete integration with indoor cooling units, allowing extraordinary energy savings and increased system life-time and reliability.

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