Exide Batteries:  Powersafe

Range: 12 V-7 Ah to 12 V-200 Ah

Exide Traction batteries : Gen X

Exide traction batteries are used in electrically powered vehicles like forklift, tow truck, power trolley, lifting platforms and other industrial traction applications. Features: The very low antimony content in the grid alloy ensures low gassing. Water loss and maintenance is minimum. Corrosion is negligible. Long life cycle - 1500 cycles up to 80% depth of charge. Very low self-discharge and internal resistance. Excellent reserve capacity. Delivers consistent reliable power. Suitable for all weather conditions.

Rocket Batteries: ES Series AGM

12V 7 Ah - 12V 200 Ah The most advanced technology of ROCKET, Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries make them highly useful in a broad range of applications. The use of high-purity calcium alloy maximizes the longevity of ROCKET batteries to ensure excellent performance in any circumstances. ES Series are specially designed to provide better cyclic life and are ideally suited for areas prone to frequent power failures.

Rocket Solar Batteries: EST Series

Range: 12 V- 20 Ah to 200 Ah

Rocket Solar Gel Batteries: ESTG Series

Range: 12 V 40 Ah to 200 Ah

Southern Batteries:

Industrial 2 V Cells : For Industrial Applications

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